Business San Jose Chamber PAC


Quotes from Endorsers

“For more than 20 years, Jim Zito has been a reliable, stable, and courageous voice of advocacy in our community, willing to stand up to special interests and do the right thing for our families and residents. I have found him to be a good listener and always willing to spend the hours needed to make good decisions for our community.” - Bonnie Mace, Evergreen School Board Trustee

“I have known Jim Zito for more than a decade, and I have been impressed by his commitment to the Evergreen community and its families, and his willingness to listen and find creative solutions to tough problems. With his strong background in budget and finance, he would be an excellent city councilmember for District 8 in San Jose.” - Van Le, East Side Union High School Board Trustee

“Jim Zito has the unique ability to dig deep into the issues and come up with solutions that benefit the most in our community.” - Balaji Venkatraman, former Evergreen School Board Trustee

“Jim Zito has consistently led District 8 in smart land use planning, better education, and insightful community discussions for over 20 years. His technical education and business experience make him an invaluable asset for the important decisions facing our community.” - Jimmy Nguyen, Evergreen Resident

“Jim Zito has an understanding of the city’s protocols, procedures, and most importantly its history. He has spent countless hours working with the city and the community to curb urban sprawl and has a working knowledge of the city budget. For decades, Jim has proved his concern for our community by serving on numerous city and neighborhood groups, as well as volunteering his time in our neighborhoods.” - Sherry Gilmore, Evergreen Resident

"Having worked with Jim Zito on various Evergreen community issues, I've admired his thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and tenacity to work through and understand the issues. I support Jim because he's an independent voice who understands our issues and will fight hard for what is best for Evergreen." - Wesley Lee, Evergreen Resident

“Jim Zito has been a community leader not only in District 8 but in the City of San Jose for many years. He has the unique ability to get to the core of the issues, understands them and knows how to communicate them effectively. Jim’s impressive resume and his commitment to our District is exactly what we all need.” - Denise Belisle, Evergreen Resident

“Jim Zito has volunteered in District 8 over 25 years in land use development and education. We want a Councilmember who knows our community thoroughly. We want an experienced and effective leader. That's why Jim has our vote”. - Reed and Jean McCauley, Evergreen Residents

“Over the course of his two-plus decades of community leadership, Jim has always listened openly to the input of all residents. He focuses on spending our tax dollars wisely and responsibly and searches for creative solutions to difficult problems. Other politicians may talk the talk... Jim actually walks the talk. I cannot imagine a better representative for our community.” - Pat Waite, Evergreen Resident

Elected Officials

  • Johnny Khamis, San Jose City Council Member
  • Bonnie Mace, Evergreen School Board, President
  • Balaji Venkatraman, Former Evergreen School Board, Trustee
  • Micheal Tsai, Milpitas School Board Trustee
  • Van Le, East Side Union HS District Board Trustee
  • Lan Nguyen, Trustee, East Side Union HS District

Community Leaders

  • Pastor John Goldstein, Grace Church
  • Pastor R. G. Moore, Church on the Rock Baptist Church
  • Carlos Miranda, San Jose Police Captain (Retired)
  • Denise Belisle, Former Evergreen Small Business Owner
  • Marilyn Leonard, Evergreen Small Business Owner
  • Madan Bellam, Education Leader
  • Derek Grasty, Former Principal, Educator and Community Leader
  • Tom Huff, Education Leader
  • Matt Kamkar, Former SJ Planning Commisioner
  • Burt Smith, Vietnam Veteran
  • Bushra Rasheed, Evergreen Resident and Community Leader
  • Sherry Gilmore
  • Dan Gould
  • Parag Gupta
  • Burt G. Landcaster
  • Steve and Sonia Marchana
  • Mark Milioto
  • Jimmy Nguyen
  • Rex and Sandra Randles
  • Sunil Sharma
  • Pat Waite